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At its craft brewery - the Holsten World of Brewing - Holsten Brewery invites you into a unique world of experience devoted to all aspects of the quality product that is beer. Diverse beer seminars, exclusive tasting sessions and practical courses on brewing will bring visitors on an exciting journey through the world of beer and will introduce them to the rich tradition of brewing.

The highlight: As part of the "Beer expert" seminar, lovers of beer can brew their own beer at the Holsten World of Brewing, design a custom label and have their fully matured beer delivered direct to their door!

The beer seminars prepared by master brewer Ralf Gebhardt

cover topics such as:

  • Beer history
  • Production processes
  • Raw materials
  • Beer styles
  • The sensory variety of beer
  • Beer & health

Seminar and tour of the Holsten brewery

Approx. four hours

6 - 25 persons

€ 35,00 pro person

Seminar and brewing beer

Approx. eight hours

6 - 15 persons

€ 85,00 pro person

Tour of the Holsten brewery

Approx. two hours

Open to individual bookings
max. 12 to 25 persons

€ 7,00 pro person


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